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TSA On site


Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) On Site


    The purpose of this is method statement to give the application of thermal spray aluminium coating (TSA) the procedure and inspection to ensure that coating applied is performed under control to meet the project requirement.


    This method statements covers the Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) coating. The TSA is will be start after heat treatment and non destructive testing (NDT) has been completed. For critical structures, and where maintenance access will be difficult, thermal spray aluminium (TSA) is available as an option.

Applicable Specification and Standard

GP 19-01-01   AWS 02.23-2003.   NACE No.12.  SSPC-CS23.00   ANSI / AWS C2.18   EN ISO 14922 Part 1-4   EN 22063   ISO 209-1    ASTM D4285    SSPC-PA2    ASTM D4417    ISO 8503-2    ISO 8503-5   ASTM B499   ISO 8501-1     BS EN.ISO 14919